We're a team of
experienced analysts...

We lead with integrity and confidence in our work while reshaping digital brand and marketing strategy with an innovative use of Big Data. Our responsibility is to spread the passion and need for full-suite analytics across the industry.

Honest Feedback

We prove our analysis insights and recommendations with real data for full transparency.

Logical Analysis

We give data-driven reasons to our recommendations that make sense for your business. No fluff!

Diligent Teamwork

We keep trying and trying until we achieve the results you need to be successful. Test, test, and test!

Relatable Techies

We're technical, but we make it easy for you to make your own decisions.

Meet Our CEO

Elizabeth Tran is the CEO & Founder of Polymetric Digital Analytics Consulting, founded in 2018. Her background stems in purely digital marketing analytics with in-depth experience at a few Fortune 100 companies. She's excelled in the area of data-driven digital marketing early on, and added value to these companies right away. She enjoys learning more analytics tools, programming, and design techniques to make data more fun! Working in fast-paced data-hungry environments ultimately prepared her to take the leap to start Polymetric Digital.

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